Get to know us.

We’re a different kind of coaching company.

Here at Power Performance, I utilize a proven, evidence-based system to help you move to the next level of your performance. Through the teaching of Mindfulness, Acceptance, and Commitment (MAC), you will learn how to reach the highest levels of performance regardless of your emotions. I will teach you how to perform, even with negative emotion.

Our Philosophy

I believe that individuals have a lot more power to influence the quality of their own lives than they think they do. High performance can be attained by everyone, through mindfulness training, strategic habit development, and professional support.

Our Values


We believe that accomplishment can only be met with a plan. We are here to provide a course of action.



Confidence in maximizing personal potential requires support and empowerment. We bring the faith to reach what seems impossible.



We have an extraordinary ability to understand without even being told. We are keenly aware.



Our philosophy is rooted in design, organization and framework. Our constitution will provide shape and strength to yours.


We believe that opposition in the conversation brings out the most constructive engagement. We will stand in a place to offer different perspectives and insight.

Who I am

Amber Dillon, MS

With a background in business, marketing, psychology, communication and leadership, I have been helping to enhance the performance of small businesses and individuals for over 15 years. After 4 years as a mental health therapist, I decided to focus my efforts on individuals and businesses that are inspiring, motivated and hungry for the next level of effectiveness and performance.

We’re ready to help you move forward.